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Banya St.Jacques

The only Russian sauna in Montreal!

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Russian banya is one of the oldest and most famous Russian traditions, which is still very popular nowadays. Banya has always been popular among people of all ages for all sorts of different occasions and events, mostly related to health and well-being.

Banya is a type of steam sauna that offers numerous health benefits. Moreover, it’s an excellent space to gather with friends and family, since most Russian Banyas have some kind of gathering and relaxation rooms where you can eat, rest, and socialize. You can read more about Banya benefits.

Banya St.Jacques is a place where you can not only get all the health benefits of the steam sauna experience, but also spend amazing and unforgettable time with your friends or celebrate an event; and the best of all, you do not even have to leave Montreal Island! We are located only a 15 minutes drive from Downtown.

Banya St.Jacques is the only Russian sauna in Montreal where you can use bath brooms (sauna besoms), bring your own food and drinks, and come with your kids to initiate them into this beautiful tradition.

Our Sauna is a private place, which consists of an entrance room, spacious bathroom, relaxation and gathering room (predbannik), 2 showers and the sauna room. It is located on the premises of Auberge St.Jacques, a beautiful, recently renovated motel.

The gathering room has a small kitchen and a big dining table that fits up to 12 people. You can bring your own food and drinks. Guests can also enjoy watching Russian TV or playing a game of pool. The price also includes a special bath broom (venik), which is traditionally used for a massage while in the banya. You may rent the sauna for a period of up to 8 hours, any time from 10:00 to 00:00. Banya St.Jacques offers you an unforgettable experience for an affordable price.

  • Professional Igor Ezril
  • Address 6120, rue Saint-Jacques,
    Montreal, Quebec, H4A 2G4
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    Rating: 2 / 5

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