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Emilia Altshuler

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It is absolutely amazing to be in a service that is focused on helping people open a new chapter in their lives! I have been through the immigration process myself and helped my whole family to achieve our dream of becoming Canadian citizens. I do understand, like anyone else, the rollercoaster of emotions of moving your whole life to the other side of the world! A new home brings new opportunities, but the migration process can be stressful.


I am not just an Immigration Expert who can professionally advise you as to Canadian immigration laws, requirements and procedures, to assist in the preparation and submission of all forms and supporting documents, to intervene with Canada’s authorities in the event of any problems related to the processing of your application, to quickly absorb new situations and communicate clearly and effectively with both legal professionals and members of the public. I am a real person who genuinely cares about you and your family and want to share with you what I consider to be the best country in the world. With its beautiful landscape, rock-solid economy, top-notch education and technology, friendly people and safe environment, Canada is the perfect place for people like you looking to make a lifestyle choice.


As a licensed Immigration Consultant, member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), Certified Translator (member of OTTIAQ) and Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Quebec, I have the knowledge and the expertise to help you and your family to achieve your dream of living and staying in Canada. Throughout the past two decades, I have lived, studied and worked in Europe, Russia, Australia, Middle East and Canada. This experience was very enriching and helped me to develop understanding of multiculturalism while achieving fluency in four languages.


At this point of my personal and professional life, I have a strong motivation to contribute my talents and my vast wealth of knowledge in providing indispensable advice to clients and delivering positive outcomes for them. Having the chance to impact so many wonderful life stories is rewarding beyond any words that I could describe!


With best wishes for success to you!

Emily Altchouler

  • Address 5555 av. Westminster, Cote St-Luc, QC, H4W 2J2
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