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Marin Guzun, Lawyer / Radu Guzun, Notary

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Civil Law / Representation at the court in civil matters

  • 1      Requests related to personal integrity
  • 2 Disputes concerning the rights of the child
  • 3      Application for compliance with the reputation and privacy
  • 4Litigation for the use and sharing of home and residence
  • 5      Questions for the absence and death
  • 6      Litigation aimed at compliance with obligations in general
  • 7      Application in civil liability
  • 8      Litigation aimed at sales
  • 9       Litigation for donations
  • 10    Litigation for leasing
  • 11    Request pertaining to business contracts or service
  • 12  Of the partnership agreement and association
  • 13    Litigation to file
  • 14    Disputes regarding the loan
  • 15     Litigation aimed bonds
  • 16    Insurance litigation

Family law

Representation to the court in family matters
In the event that there is no agreement on each point of law concerned (child custody, rights of access, child support and / or ex-spouses, the division of property, the family residence ), our office can represent you in court or assist you in drafting the procedure. In the latter case, or have the option to choose counsel of your choice or you represent yourself for further proceedings.
♦  Formulaire de demande de divorce à l’amiable
♦  Applications in separation, divorce and nullity of marriage
♦  Application for the use and sharing of family residence
♦  Sharing family heritage
♦  Demande en reconnaissance et/ou contestation de la parternité et les adoptions
♦  The requests for alimony, child custody and access rights
♦  Divorce or separation joint or disputed
♦  Divorce: legal aspects and consequences
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