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Vladlen Kormakov

Надёжная страховка и жизнь - иногда равнозначные понятия!

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Car insurance

Whether you use your vehicle for work or for casual rides, our various protection packages cover you against damage and civil suits, allowing you to drive with peace of mind:

  • Protection against damage to your vehicle
  • Rental costs for loss of use
  • Liability insurance for leased vehicles
  • Replacement Insurance (new value)
  • Etc.

Home Insurance

Whether you are an owner, tenant, homeworker, or owner of a condo, an income property or a second home, we give you access to protection that is tailored to your general and specific needs:

  • Insurance of your building and your personal property
  • Extra expense insurance following a covered loss (hotel, restaurant, etc.)
  • Protection against sewer backup and water damage
  • Protection against theft and fire
  • Insurance and legal assistance
  • Home help
  • Etc.
  • Location / Region Canada / Québec / Montreal
  • Slogan Надёжная страховка и жизнь - иногда равнозначные понятия!
  • Listing categories Insurance
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  • Address 650, rue d'Iberville, Bureau 630
    Montréal (Québec) H2G 2B3
  • Denis Dankoff

    Rating: 5 / 5



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