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Irina Gostraya

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Irina Gostraya, residential broker

My professionalism is equal to your success!
Buying or selling a property is a serious step involving some worries. The fastest and most reasonable solution is to contact a specialist. A common question: why deal with a real estate broker to buy or sell? The answer is simple: each of us should do his own business to succeed.

Why me as a real estate broker? It’s easy to answer. First, I really like my profession. And yes, I don’t say work, I say the profession. My professional training and my appropriate license confirm my qualification. To train and to obtain a diploma, it doesn’t stop there, it is important to get started in the real profession, to develop experience and to advance!
Moreover, my rather long experience in business, my financial skills, my training in accounting and communication are at your disposal. My high motivation to advance and deepen my knowledge matters a lot! Everything is for you – I am ready to seek an answer to any question-trap but especially to find solutions to complicated situations, it is one of my assets! My obstinacy has never betrayed me in my professional activities! Personal qualities are worth a lot in this kind of job.

What more do I offer you? A personal approach and professionalism, we are only halfway to success! The psychological side of moving, selling or buying real estate is an integral and very important part of this whole mission. I take these facts into account, if necessary, while adapting to the client’s personality but without exceeding the distance.

One of the most valuable aspects of the business is to bring to the attention of the customer important information about all possible risks throughout the transaction. Subsequently, reluctance can lead to unexpected events. To make false promises is to waste your time and we know that time is money. It is better to reveal all the pitfalls in advance than to be caught in a trap.
Ensuring complete support at all stages of the purchase or sale of your real estate is my professional responsibility.

Your saving of time, finances and positive emotions of the transaction is my concern!

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    высокий профессионализм


    красота, отвлекает

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